Thalia Hoffman, To Serve You, Performance, 2022 - Thalia Hoffman, To Serve You, Performance, 2022

Thalia Hoffman / Manar Zuabi

Make Art at Your Own Risk
19. – 31. 8. 24

Festung Hohensalzburg
19. – 31. 8. 24

Thalia Hoffman

Thalia Hoffman and Manar Zuabi each practice art, addressing the intersection of art and socio-political resistance to violence and racism. This is the first time Manar and Thalia are teaching together. The course structure and teaching methods consider the complexities of their collaboration.

Thalia Hoffman is a visual artist and researcher working in film, video, performance, and public interventions in the area where she lives, east of the Mediterranean. Alongside her artistic actions, Hoffman holds a PhD in artistic research from Leiden University and is a lecturer at the University of Haifa in video, performance and artistic research. Her work strives to be involved in its surroundings and engages people to look, listen and feel their socio-political landscape with attention.


Recent Exhibition and Festivals:
2023 Jerusalem Film Festival, Experimental Competition, Jerusalem. 2022 Scattered Shared Spaces, Group Exhibition, Beit HaGefen, Haifa (IL). To Serve You, Performance&Talk, Framer Framed, Amsterdam. 2018 Guava (Solo Exhibition), Mamuta art & research center, Jerusalem. 2014 Story Time: Was it?, Helana Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv (IL).


Recent publications:
Here/Then and Now; a Memoir, PARC-Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration, December 2022
Back to Present, VIS-Nordic Journal for Artistic Research, November 2022
Feeding, Chapter in Making Matters, ed. Janneke Wesseling, Valiz Publication, The Netherlands, June 2022

Manar Zuabi

Manar Zuabi is a visual artist, curator, activist and educator. She works with installation, performance, and video art. Zuabi is one of the founders of the alternative experimental school “Masar” in Nazareth. With her art, she addresses questions about identity and culture in an axis that brings together art and life from a political and social point of view. 


Selected exhibitions:
2022 Scratched Horizon, Gallery Umm el-Fahem, Umm el-Fahem (IL). That Place This time, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv. Return, following Edward Said, performance, Van Lir, Jerusalem. 2018 Without and Roses, Performance, Qalandiya International Biennale 3, Wadi Salib, Haifa. Stop or I’ll Shoot you, Performance with Taer Kaminer, University of Haifa. 2015 Berlin Performs, Podbielski Contemporary Gallery and Fries museum, Berlin.


Recent publications:
Manar Zuabi, Scratched Horizon, El-Sabar Association, Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, 2022.
Manar Zuabi, On Thin Line, Wilfrid Museum, 2015.