230807_KU_Ruyter_Festung_MT-3 - Course Francis Ruyter, photo: Mira Turba

General terms and conditions

The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts (hereafter SAFA) is an organisation under the auspices of the Province of Salzburg. The SAFA is open to anyone interested in art, irrespective of age, nationality, training or cultural background. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.

Participation fee
The participation fee comprises an enrolment charge of € 100.– (non-refundable) and the course fee, the amount of which depends on the duration of the course. University and college students are entitled to reduced fees on presentation of a valid confirmation of enrolment for the 2023 summer semester. The fee covers the cost of participation in a course with instruction by a qualified artist, curator or art critic, use of studio and equipment during class hours, and attendance at various events organised by the Summer Academy. It does not cover the cost of necessary materials or excursions. Courses may be booked only for their full duration.
Once acceptance for a course has been confirmed, the non-refundable enrolment charge of € 100.– is due immediately. The course fee must be paid by 30 June 2023. If cancellation takes place after 30 June, a refund of the course fee is possible only in cases of proven "force majeure" (illness, accident, death in family, matters related to the Covid-19 pandemic). Other reasons (dissatisfaction, programme changes) do not entitle students to a refund. In cases of "force majeure," cancellation should be made immediately, with written proof of the reasons for cancellation, otherwise the full tuition fee must be paid. Cancellation is not possible after a course has begun. In case of cancellation at short notice or premature departure, if no substitute is available, a cancellation fee of € 100.– will be charged. Should the Summer Academy have to cancel a course, all payments made will be refunded. This also applies in case of entry restrictions into Austria.
The Summer Academy is not liable for accidents, theft or any kind of damage which take place during tuition. For the duration of the courses, an extended personal liability insurance and a limited health insurance is taken out for all accepted participants. The insurance fee of € 16.– per student is included in the course fee.
Security measures
Students must be aware that allergenic substances, such as oil-paints, may be used in classes, and are responsible for taking their own health measures. The use of turpentine is absolutely forbidden. Entrance to SAFA premises is restricted to students, teachers and members of SAFA staff. Other visitors have access to classes only after checking in at the office, and accompanied by SAFA staff. Exceptions are the open-house presentations.
These terms and conditions come into force as from 1.1.2016. Verbal subsidiary agreements require written conformation by the administration of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, and have no effect on the general terms and conditions of the SAFA. Place of jurisdiction: Salzburg