Pascal Petignat

Contact and Scale
5. – 17. 8. 24

Pascal Petignat, Standar Deluxe 4 Standar Deluxe, photo: atelier petignat
Pascal Petignat, Standar Deluxe Standar Deluxe, photo: atelier petignat

About the course

The course Contact and Scale combines different photographic techniques, ranging from the use of large format cameras (8 x 10 inches) to simple photograms. The focus is on the perspective of the scale, the angle of view and the transfer of the subject within a new space. Here displacement and scale play important roles, allowing artists to transfer their analysis of reality into a different space (darkroom or presentation room) – and thus into a different reality. When thinking about the composition, to decide on closeness and distance, the photographer or image-maker already sets initial accents. The situation in which photographs are taken and developed have an influence, both spatial and performative, on the artistic process. What is the relation between a photograph taken with a large-format camera and a photogram? How do plane surfaces and three-dimensionality meet, and what happens in between?

*due to an unplanned scheduling conflict, the former teacher of this course, Sophie Thun, has withdrawn from her teachership at the International Summer Academy for Fine Arts for the year of 2024. Despite the absence of her, however, the course “Contact & Scale” will still take place in the Summer of 2024, and will be ministered by Pascal Petignat.

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Festung Hohensalzburg
5. – 17. 8. 24
Teaching language
English (German possible)
What to bring
Camera, physical photos or object material, laptop/tablet, notebook
Maximum number of participants
Participation fee
670 Euro (reduced 495 Euro)

Pascal Petignat

Pascal Petignat works as a photographer, conceptual artist, exhibition organizer and publisher. He also accompanies and advises artists and institutions in the realization of photographic works.

In addition to his artistic and photographic practice, he has worked for many years in education and teaching. Most recently at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where he worked as a senior artist at the Department of Applied Photography and Time-based Media, helping to establish the department.

Together with Martin Scholz, he founded fotoK, Center for Photography and Art in Vienna in 2004 and ran it until 2018. In addition to a three-year course, fotoK was a workshop with a studio and laboratory for analogue and digital photography and, with two exhibition spaces, a venue for a rich exhibition program for photography.

Under petignat and scholz, he works artistically on decidedly photographic themes such as the question of whether a stain on the attic of the inventor of photography's house, which has been converted into a museum, refers to the magical in photography as anti-photography or, for example, the existence of phantom images on analog film material after passing through security gates at airports.

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2024, portrait post mortem - la tache - viaggio in francia, Standard/Deluxe, Lausanne 2017, Bild im Hochhaus, Hochhaus Herrengasse, Vienna. 2013, Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show, Aktion gegen das berechenbare Bild, Radio Ö1, Vienna. Das letzte Labor, Galerie Hinterhaus, Vienna. 2003, Grenzland, Kunsthalle, Wien


2018, Choreography of the Frame, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna. 2013, Fotos; Österreichische Fotografien von den 1930ern bis heute, Belvedere, 21er Haus. 2013, Die Magie des Objekts, Museum der Moderne Salzburg. Rupertinum: Schaufenster zur Sammlung IV. 2005, Home Stories, an inside loook at singlefamilie houses in Austria, Austrian Culture Forum, New York


2024, Probelauf - Performative Szenen zum parlamentarischen Betrieb, Parlamentsdirektion, University of Applied Arts Vienna and Pascal Petignat (ed.), Walter DeGruyter, Berlin/Boston, (editor, concept, realisation). 2020, Temporäre Unordnung - 782 Abbildungen aus dem Parlamentsgebäude im Leerstand Parlamentsdirektion, University of Applied Arts Vienna and Pascal Petignat (eds.), Walter DeGruyter, Berlin Boston (publisher, concept, realisation) 2017, Bild im Hochhaus, petignat und scholz (eds.), Eigenverlag, Vienna, hochbetagt, Günther Brandstetter, Marietta Mühlfellner (eds.), Verlag Anton Pustet, Salzburg, (concept, design and realisation)