Austrian Ecolabel

In autumn 2013, the International Summer Academy was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for non-school educational institutions, in order to publicise its fundamentally sustainable operation. In 2021 the Summer Academy was re-certified for another four years.

The International Summer Academy is committed to the fundamental values of diversity, gender mainstreaming, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. All its decisions are based on environment-friendliness and careful use of resources. Dealings within the team and with the teachers and students are marked by respect, tolerance, mutual esteem, curiosity and openness. The Summer Academy shows responsibility for the environment and the social conditions under which people live and work.

The International Summer Academy is to be seen as a learning institution, constantly developing through dialogue with teachers and students, with clients and state representatives, and with the local and international world of education and the arts. A questionnaire giving feedback from teachers and students provides an important instrument for evaluation. In the course of the certification process, the mission statement was prepared in collaboration with the various interest groups within the Summer Academy.

Sophie Goltz, director
Gabriele Winter, Ecolabel representative
Michael Wörgötter, organisational consultant, Province of Salzburg
Raimund Stadlmair, external technical advisor for course locations