Mette Sterre, Miss Alternative World Competition, photo: Richard Kaby - Mette Sterre, Miss Alternative World Competition, photo: Richard Kaby

Mette Sterre

Camp Mette: a devotion to the slinky margins – très chic, a glam camp holiday
19. – 31. 8. 24

Brief Encounters, 2022 Photo: GJ. van Rooij Brief Encounters, 2022 Photo: GJ. van Rooij
Mette Sterre, G-string Theory: Pointing Sisters’ Blame Game, Performance, 2023 © Gaia Tovaglia

We’ll go on a journey, attempting with seriousness to build our own and overlapping worlds that we will be worldling. A playful, improvised journey. I’ll be your tour guide through the jungles of our minds. Discovering the Hohensalzburg Castle as an example of dream castle building, we will, through play, whirlwind through different impromptu, collaborative exercises in order to obtain a state of non-judgmental embodiment. From an intersectional queer feminist perspective, we will go by my personal motto: improve, improvise. Using our bodies and the space around us as a transformable pallet, you’ll discover and obtain hands-on tools for world-building and mythmaking. Sharing is caring. Every day, there will be a theme, which will likewise be generated by group input and needs. Quick and dirty, to hoard and stimulate new ideas and forms of expression, the hostess with the mostest will welcome you to camp* Mette.

* From Susan Sontag’s “Notes on Camp”… “the “purest” examples of camp must be dead serious, not attempt at camp, and in their failed seriousness become camp. Not every artistic failure can be camp, however; the art must attempt the wildly outlandish in order to succeed as the familiar ‘so-bad-its-good’ notion of camp.”

Festung Hohensalzburg
19. – 31. 8. 24
Teaching language
English (Dutch possible)
Being able to experiment with and dwell in the unknown, hands-on mentality; understanding that fun is a serious business
What to bring
Your voice, materials to write and cut with, material that you feel comfortable using, clothes to move in, one stunning outfit that makes you feel pretty, leftover materials
Maximum number of participants
Participation fee
670 Euro (reduced 495 Euro)

Mette Sterre

Mette Sterre’s creations escape fixed definitions. They exceed performance practice, installation, digital technologies, costume-making and sculpture – potentially expanding their territories without limits. Entering her work, we are cast into the materialization of her mind processes: an unpredictable participatory and sensorial experience.

Sterre’s work gives value to the devalued, both aesthetically and conceptually. The artist makes room for exploring and exploding the power structures that silently – though violently – regulate our lives.

Creatures that seem to be assembled into hybrid and chimeric formulations – partly machines, monsters or nonhumans – occupy the same space as us. Rather than being ego-centered actors within a system that still oppresses those that are ‘less than human,’ Sterre’s creations celebrate our variance through dissonance, in a dimension of both fear and ecstasy.

When approaching this tentacular entity, the binarisms speech/non-speech, human/monster, nature/cyborg, life/death, (wo)man/animal, dynamism/stasis are troubled and dismantled. Abjection and desire are at work in this moment to analyze our own preconceived understandings and perceptions of sexual desire and power dynamics.

Mette Sterre is a Rijksakademie van Beelden Kunsten alumnus (2021) and obtained her MA in Performance Design & Practice at Central Saint Martins in London. She has shown her work internationally at Manifesta 14 in Kosovo, Kunstverein in Hamburg, the Watermill Center in New York, Migros Museum in Zurich, Trienale Design Museum in Hamburg and Art15 in London. Her work has been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dazed and Confused, El Pais, Berlin Art Link, and others.

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Selected solo exhibitions
2023 Multidance CODA, Apeldoorn (upcoming). 2018 Staging Realities Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hamburg (DE). 2018 Manchester Contemporary Art Fair Joey Ramone, Manchester (UK). 2016 Sairagaz, Honey You’re No Seabunny, Joey Ramone, Rotterdam (NL). 2015 The End of Normal TENT, Rotterdam.

International Festivals/Biennials
2022 Manifesta 14, Pristina. Alternative Miss World Competition. Shakespeare Globe Theater, London. 2021 MIP4, Center of Experimentation and Info in Art, Belo Horizonte (BR). 2020 3pesos Trienale Bestos, Mexico City. 2019 LA Book Fair, Montez Press Radio and Publication, Los Angeles, CA (US). 2017 Frieze; An evening of performances, David Roberts Art Foundation, London. 2017 Athens Performance Biennal, ASFA, Athens. 2016Megahammer #2, Glasgow International, Glasgow (UK). 2015 Tribes Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Prague. 2016 SPILLInternational Performance Festival, Ipswich (UK). 2015 Watermill Summer Benefit, Watermill Center, New York, NY (US).

Selected international exhibitions
2022 But what else is it but a dream map Art, Quarter, Budapest. 2021 Being Both things at Once, Sommers Gallery, London. 2020 Queer Bodies Against ____ FLUC, Vienna. 2019 AMID Roes Theater, Athens. 2018 Hakuna Patata, Gallery Esmeralda, Willemstad, Curacao. 2017 Hummelmania, Birmingham Art/Fierce Festival Birmingham (UK). 2017 Queering the Occult, Queen Mary University, London. I can't be inside and outside at the same time, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (UK). Once Upon a Pink, Puder Raum Gallery, Berlin. 2015 Spotlight on Schawinsky, Migros Museum, Zurich. Art15 Artfair, Best of Graduates, Olympia, London. 2014 Robert Wilsons Illy Red Night. Triennial Design Museum, Milan (IT). 2014 Night Watch Festival, Cambridge Junction, Cambridge (UK).

Selected presentations in the Netherlands
2023 On Marvellous Things, Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort (NL). The Grand Palace of Everyone Nest, Den Haag (NL). Animated Landscapes, 38CC, Delft (NL). 2022 Innovation:Lab, Theater Utrecht, Utrecht (NL). Gods Head Brief Encounters. Lust Warande, Tilburg (NL). Come Alive, Muntgebouw, Utrecht (NL). Habitat Multiform project space de Viervaart, Groede (NL). Big Dada, Arti et Amicitea, Amsterdam. Art Rotterdam, Kers Gallery, Rotterdam (NL). Evidence in Motion: Amorphous Beings III, The Hague (NL). 2021 Rijksakademie OpenRijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. 2019 Rijksakademie Open, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. Master Talk, Museum de Pont, Tilburg (NL). 2018 Le Faux RireCobra Museum, Amstelveen (NL). High Light Art and Science Festival, Theater de Veste, Delft (NL).2017Playtime, Kunstvlaai at the SSBA Salon Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam. 2016 All You Can Art #1, Summer Carnival, IBB, Kunsthal, Tent, Rotterdam (NL). 2015 Super Nova Schunck, Heerlen (NL). Carnival,  Marres House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht (NL).


Guest Lectures/Teaching
Rietveld Academie, Willem De Kooning Academy, Frank Mohr Institute, Mount Holyoke College, Central Saint Martins, St. Joost of Visual Arts, TENT, American Academy Berlin, Royal Academy The Hague, Queen Mary University London, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Maastricht, University of the Arts London, Akademie voor Dans en Theater Amsterdam, IBB.